Logo Design, UI, UX, Web Design

Pinnuts is a location based service finder, it’s purpose is to help you find the best service providers closest to you. The site gets the user’s location and generates a custom map that displays businesses in the nearest radius. In addition, many different features accompanied the search, such as instant messaging, favorites, notices, etc.

The primary color chosen to represent the brand was peanut yellow, accompanied by dark grey for contrast. A range of secondary colors were selected - each one signifying a different type of feature offered on the site.


The logo was a play on Pinnuts’ friendly user interface. The letters ‘i’, which usually stands for ‘information’, reflected the pins’ interface design. The Logo’s icon communicated to the user that “information can be found here”.

As for the website's interface, given the site’s purpose and desired usability, the design showed a map in the bulk of the screen with a toolbar on the right. The scrollable map featured clickable icons, while the menu housed the various services offered.