Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, WIX, Swag, Marketing Materials

Kreios is an innovative video and event production company. Much like its owner, Kreios is bold, cheeky and a little bit rock & roll. As the company was evolving, it needed a rebranding that reflected its creative attitude.


The first step was a new logo, one that captures the many aspects of the company. Following that came the color palette: a vibrant red was selected as the primary color, accompanied by black, white, and a touch of goldish brown. Then,  graphic elements such as stars and lightening were added.


Following the rebrand came a new website: designed and built in WIX. Then a line of swag for the production crew and giveaways. This included hats, baseballs Tees, bags, socks, pins and patches - each with their own unique design.