Kol Hasport

Sports, Broadcasting, Education

Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, Marketing Materials

Kol hasports (‘voice of sports’) is sports broadcasting course owned and managed by Israeli sports personality Amit Horsky. The idea behind the brand was to convey the exciting  and uplifting nature of sports, in order to give Kol Hasport’s potential students a glimpse into what it would be like to experience games court-side.

Color choices were particularly challenging, because to sports fans each color is often already associated with a sports team. To solve this, the chosen colors were navy and turquoise – no sports teams had that color combination, and it made for a bold yet neutral palette.

To add to the excitement, the course’s star studded lineup pf broadcasters were portrayed as members of a team. The website and promotional materials showed their names and biographies alongside their photo to mimic the portrayal of athletes in various games and shows.