Fanily Heirloom Weavers


Branding, Web Design, Marketing Materials

Family Heirloom Weavers is an American weaving company which manufactures historically accurate fabrics. FHW has been family owned & operated for over 30 years, producing quality fabrics for presidential homes, museums, tv and movie sets, in addition to modern homes.


After 30 years of activity it was time to refresh the Brand. The company was expanding it’s selection of products and as it was evolving needed a new website for it’s online store, concurrently with various print and marketing materials. This meant we needed to keep some the brand’s existing identity in tact while adding new elements in order to maintain the brand’s recognition.


The makeover started by adjusting the color scheme. The brand’s red grey and navy color palette were replaced with more subtle tones such as shades of muted blues. This would compliment all of FHW's existing fabric patterns, and give the company a contemporary look. Additionally, a flower sample was replicated from the first pattern FHW ever produced, and turned into a prominent design element in the new graphic language.