Cafe, Restaurant

Branding, Logo Design, Menu Design

Located in Kfar Saba, August Café wanted to bring back those old nostalgic summer days, all year round.

Given that, the branding was based on vintage posters and ads from the 1970s.

Design Elements

The main color for the Café is a light teal blue, which echoes the color of the sea and summer sky. Supplementary colors were yellow and orange, which complement the fresh blue palette with summer warmth.

Various faded “ads” were created to adorn the café’s walls and menus, with iconic Israeli themes such as citrus fruit, milk, and public singing.

Kids visiting August got a special treat, vintage coloring books featuring wholesome rhymes, just like their parents used to color. This brought back memories for the parents, and gave them a chance to bond with their kids as they created new memories together in August Café.